Functions of sunglasses

Published: 30th March 2011
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According to one study, people wearing sunglasses regularly have less possibility of damage to eyes compare to those who donít wear. However eye protection is not the only function of sunglasses, there are some other too. To broaden our views and to know those other functions of sunglasses in depth, just go through details given below.

Eye protection

Direct sunlight into eyes raises the possibility of eye disease by 67% because of UV radiation. Photokeratitis, cataracts, pterygium, snow blandness, and different types of eye cancer are some of the diseases that can occur only because of eyes exposure against the UV rays. Therefore, eye experts always put emphasis to wear sunglasses regularly. Sunglasses can filter out UV radiation by 100% against the UV with wavelengths of up to 400nm, if one has right sunglass. Not only against the UV radiation, but sunglasses also protect eyes from HEV (High Energy Visible Light) as well.

Sunglasses- A style statement

Nowadays, we hardly see any film-star without sunglasses, isnít it? Itís true that they also take care about their eyes and want to save their eyes from different light radiations that can be brutal on eyes. However, itís more about style statement than a protection for them. Choosing a right sunglass can give excellent look if it matched perfectly with outfits. On the contrary, style is not a property of celebrities. Common men also have right to look stylish and impress their peers. Prada to Vogue, all sunglass manufacturers have wide range of stylish sunglasses with different shades and frames. Like with any other fashion, sunglasses styles also change every year. Itís up to us to stay updated with changes in fashion and make sure that we have right sunglass that makes a style statement!

Some of the unknown and unusual functions of sunglasses

You might be surprised reading this but yes there are some functions of sunglasses that are unknown and unusual for us. For example, sunglass can be used to hide eyes to avoid direct eye contact with any person. It can be quite intimidating but certainly possible with different minds on different heads. There are some instances in past in which artists have worn sunglasses either to glamorize or to add special feel into the character. These functions may look simple and useless but they are mighty effective and helpful.

Those with abnormal eyes wear Sunglasses to hide eyes so that it makes no negative difference in their appearance. Mirrored Glasses are specially designed glasses for this purpose. Sunglass can also be part of costume.

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